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Symblepharon Next Eye rings are ophthalmic devices with a round or oval disc shape and a hole in the centre; they are placed directly on the eyeball. They prevent fusing of the conjunctiva and eyelid, ensuring adequate refractive depth, i.e. the space between the eyeball and eyelid. . They are most commonly used in case of diseases which lead to scarring: after chemical and thermal burns of the eyeball, ocular pemphigoid, sometimes after surgical treatment of the eyeball and orbit. Next Eye rings are important for maintaining eyeball mobility and eyelid shape.



Production of the Next Eye Symblepharon rings

The Next Eye Symblepharon rings are manufactured, using the additive manufacturing method and biocompatible polymers, so the risk of allergic reactions is minimal. Just like in case of other Next Eye medical devices, these rings are made to individual Patients’ orders.



Disposable rings

Symblepharon rings are designed for single use for a maximum of 30 days. Moreover, care activities related to them are performed solely by a physician during a follow-up visit. It must be remembered that any damaged or permanently soiled product deviating in appearance from its original condition must be replaced immediately.

If longer treatment is required, additional rings should be ordered. Computer modification of product parameters ensures perfect adjustment to the current curvature of the Patient's eyeball at any age, also in infants.

The rings are individually packed and are not sterile. They can be autoclaved before use.


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