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Additive manufacturing method of ocular epiprosthesis

Next Eye ocular epiprostheses on our offer are manufactured from biocompatible polymers, using the additive manufacturing method: 3D printing. As a result, our epiprostheses are much stronger than glass ones, they do not fade like acrylic ones and they do not turn yellow. We dedicate them to Patients who suffer from partial eyeball loss.

Ocular epiprostheses are made according to strictly specified medical indications, only to individual Patient’s order, on the basis of 3D orbital scan or provided impression and a photo of the anterior eye segment. They are placed before the orbital implant or the eviscerated eyeball.


Two years of epiprosthesis use

Next Eye epiprostheses are designed to last for 2 years. They are precisely manufactured: both in terms of technical parameters and aesthetic values. Additionally, ocular prostheses on our offer have a natural reflection and a diamond protective coating, which prevents deposition of secretions. The use of polymers in the manufacturing process makes the epiprosthesis durable and unbreakable. The result is a natural reflection of the eye, since wearing an epiprosthesis causes a mirror reflection of light.

At the Patients request, we store information that allows us to create the next epiprosthesis, so after 2 years it is not necessary to follow the same procedure. Using the same data, we can create a perfect copy of the epiprosthesis.

Competitively priced eye epiprosthesis

Lack of an eyeball is a discomfort for many Patients and they often cannot afford a traditional glass or acrylic epiprostheses despite reimbursement from the National Health Fund. Next Eye epiprostheses are groundbreaking in this aspect, as their price, despite the use of unique production technologies remains unchanged compared to other epiprostheses.

Cooperation with companies

Thanks to the 3D print potential, we started a new chapter in the area of ocular prosthetics and created an innovative, for many reasons also a more refined, product compared to previous ocular prostheses and epiprostheses. That is why, for the good of the Patients, we want to promote this product and make it available in many regions. We declare complete openness to cooperation with every specialist in eye prosthetics. To order a Next Eye prosthesis or an epiprosthesis, simply provide us with a scan or an impression of the orbit and an image of the iris of the Patient’s second eye.


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